Rolfes Makes a Difference

"Thank you for your perseverance on the Hood Canal effective politician is someone who understands the inner workings of our state agencies, does not accept no for an answer and is willing to show persistent determination. Thank you, thank you for your sustained efforts to fix this bridge." -Gordon Black

“The United States Department of Defense presents this certificate of grateful appreciation to Representative Christine Rolfes for her leadership on public policy changes positively impacting the quality of life of Service members and their families residing in Washington , during the 2011 Legislative Session.” -Robert L. Gordon III, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

"Your commitment to service to the state of Washington with honor and integrity are principles that our members demand. Your understanding of public safety matters and your position on issues critical to every Trooper's professional and personal life make you the clear choice. " -Tommie M. Pillow, President Washington State Patrol Troopers Association

"Sen. Christine Rolfes has been a champion legislator since her election in 2006, which was a top electoral priority for Washington Conservation Voters. In 2010 she was a leader on the Safe Baby Bottle Act and was also honored as a House Champion on the 2009-2010 WCV Legislative Scorecard. We are now glad to have her voice in the Senate." Washington Conservation Voters